Justice for Zeus
Justice for Zeus

Justice for Zeus

UPDATE: City of Elk Grove, Suzanne E Kennedy, Jonathan P Hobbs, Bobbie Singh-Allen, Kevin Spease, Darren Suen, David W Tyra were or are decision makers in this case and any of them could have come forward to save Zeus. They did not. They did this knowing that Animal Control Officer Crystel Mocek took Zeus before any deadline, including the one she mentions on her own bodycam.


Nov 5th 2022

We will be holding a funeral for Zues on Thursday or Friday. You will be able to come and say goodbye if you wish to. This is a message we never thought we’d have to write. Please help us get justice for Zuzu.

Family participating in Podcast Series and Feature Length Documentary on Zeus’s Case. Details Soon.

Oct 28th 2022

He was delivered to us in this box, too small for his body. He fell out as we were moving him to our vehicle to take him to be buried. See our formal letter DEMANDING an apology from the city for this act of total evil.


Oct 19th 2022

Attorney for Zeus, Andrew Shalaby, files Federal Lawsuit against Animal Control Officer Mocek

Family taking calls from incoming media requests.

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Oct 17th 2022

10AM - Sacramento Superior Court Judge transfers case to different department via denial.

Fundraising for Justice

Legal Team

Christine Kelly - Animal Law Office

Andrew W. Shalaby - East Bay Law

Malcom B. Feied - Feied Law

3 New Additions to the Legal Team Coming Nov 2022

Legal Docs and Evidence

Legal Docs and Evidence
Media of Zeus - Safety References
Media of Zeus - Safety References
Zeus in Elk Grove - With the Public
Youtube Links to Clips
Faryal Speaking in Front of Elk Grove City Council

October 31st 2022

Short statement from Kabir Family, more to come soon.

To All of you,

Zeus was loved by many people and his unlawful murder today doesn’t change how much we love him, at all. We are heartbroken the city took this evil step and now we will spend our lives fighting for justice for our family member. He was a huge part of our lives and in his very short life he touched all of us with this silly attitude and love for his mom. We will continue to mourn Zeus, his story isn’t over, it has just begun. Thank you for all of the hundreds, if not thousands of messages of support. We cherish all of them and all of you.

To Zeus,

We love you Zuzu, we did everything we possibly could to save you from this torture and injustice but we failed to make them see the crimes they were committing. We will never recover from losing you. We will never feel whole again, you were a member of our family and we will never forget you or the people that are responsible for your death. We will miss you every single day and every German Shepherd we see will bring back all of the memories of you.

Goodnight our sweet boy, we pray that heaven is as beautiful as you and that you are safe and happy and free of all the hurt you experienced here on earth. We love you so much.

The Kabir Family

Why This Case Matters

Below you will see the beginning of the story that outlines how Zeus was killed and why it should be a moment of change around the country. Updates coming shortly.

Timeline of Unlawful Taking of Zeus

  1. Elk Grove Municipal Code section 8.06.070 provides for a hearing date to determine whether the dog will, or will not, be classified as a “dangerous animal.”
  2. Zeus was classified as a dangerous animal by way of default on the June 15, 2022 order (Faryal wasn’t given a proper hearing, Zoom disconnected and wouldn’t allow her to join)
  3. The June 15, 2022 order was served by mail.
  4. CCP § 1013 extends the time for compliance by five days because the order was served by mail.
  5. The deadline for compliance was July 20, 2022 (30 days from the date of issuance of the order, plus five more days for service by mail under CCP 1013).
  6. Even if CCP 1013 is not considered, that would set the deadline for compliance at July 15, 2022, at 11:59 PM.
  7. Officer Mosec of Animal Services admits on her body cam video that the deadline is July 15, 2022.
  8. Officer Mosec states on her body cam video that the time for compliance on July 15, 2022 is 5:00 PM.
  9. 3:04:56pm Animal Control Officer Crystel Mocek, while speaking to Faryal, announces she is taking Zeus to

  1. 3:05pm Animal Control Officer Crystel Mocek Radios for Police Backup stating “I have a dangerous animal guideline violation, a woman is refusing to give up her dog.
  2. Even though Officer Mosec is incorrect as to the deadline hour, because the deadline hour is 11:59 PM, it makes no difference, because Zeus was taken even before 5:00 PM on July 15, 2022, which is earlier than the declared deadline by Officer Mosec on her body cam video.
  3. Zeus was taken before 5:00 PM on July 15, 2022. Based on the undisputed material facts, Zeus was taken unlawfully, is being held unlawfully, and Elk Grove would be killing him unlawfully.
  4. Zeus was MURDERED on Oct 28th 2022 before the holiday weekend so the city could try to avoid any media coverage.

These facts are true and make up just one legal basis (of many) the defense team is filing to save poor Zeus from death. You can see in the below clips the evidence that supports point 9 and 10. The legal filing these items are found in is also below. You can also find at the link below, the video in which Animal Control Supervisor Alicia Neronde admits that the enclosure was not needed.

City Attorney Suzanne Kennedy, David Tyra, Jonathan Hobbs - VERY involved in the killing of Zeus

Suzanne Kennedy stated in the administrative action hearing that “Faryal was given a 21 day extension” when she was never given an extension, no written basis for that assertion exists.

The city stated that Faryal needed an enclosure, when the code states that the “dwelling” can be the enclosure. These are just a few of the many misstatements that were made to the judge in this case.

These are the facts which are not in dispute, for which the Court is now asked to take “mandatory” judical notice pursuant to Evidence Code § 453:

Who is Zeus? Our beloved puppy